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Stuntney remains a small village with a population that has not changed much over the years - just over 200, including scattered habitations at Quaney and Nornea. The village is part of Ely Parish, although it does have a Village Council that keeps a watch on local affairs and makes representations to the higher local authorities when necessary.

A big change came in 1987 when the Stuntney bypass was built - previously all the A 142 traffic came through the village along Soham Road. Now the village enjoys some peace apart from the few speeding drivers who ignore the 30 m.p.h. limit

For generations Stuntney has been an agricultural village but with increasing mechanisation the drift away from the land accelerated over the last three decades and now only a few key people are employed on the estate, much of the work being carried out by contractors.

Stuntney evolved as a village owing to its position on one of the small fen islands which rises some 11 metres above the surrounding flat fenland. The approach to Ely, less than two miles distant along Stuntney Causeway, gives a glorious view of the Cathedral.

The village no longer has a school, a shop or a pub but the Stuntney Social Club is open most evenings and has a licenced bar for the use of members and guests (see the Club page for details).

Stuntney Church of the Holy Cross has some very nice architectural features and holds regular services on Sunday mornings.

The village does not have the advantage of many local rights of way but there is an interesting walk along the old fen drove that starts near the well maintained sports field. Much longer walks are possible along the River Ouse banks at the approaches to Ely. From the autumn of 2005 the riverside bank path has been made into a cycleway which reaches to the small village of Barway. Long term proposals of 'Sustran' (sustainable transport) are to extend this cycle track all the way to Cambridge.

Unique Bed & Breakfast available at Stuntney Old Hall.
Anthony and Alison Morbey now offer very attractive B & B accommodation for visitors to Ely in their historic home, which has connections with Oliver Cromwell. This commanding setting provides magnificent views of Ely Cathedral and the surrounding countryside. Full details on the website

  • September 2009. From the village the road drops down to Stuntney Causeway

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