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Personalities No 5 - Mike & Wendy Fox.

Mike and Wendy at home

Mike and Wendy Fox have lived in Stuntney for 26 years and from the outset they became involved in the life of the village. Never the sort of people to wait for things to happen they have enthusiastically contributed to any activity of benefit to the community.

Mike was born in 1947 at Stow Bardolph and went to school at Downham Market. He had a love of music and started to learn the piano at age 11. He later met a good teacher of the organ who encouraged him to take up the instrument. He also became interested in amateur dramatics, which was to play a fateful hand in his future life.
His first job on leaving school was as a laboratory technician. At age 21 he started a teacher training course in Lincoln and his first post (after completion of the course in 1972) was to the teaching staff at The King's School Ely. The school had already become coeducational and under a new headmaster academic standards were rising. There he taught maths, and later, the emerging science of computing. Whilst at King’s, he worked for a degree in Mathematics, Computing and Music with the Open University.

Wendy was born in Cambridge, but had an unusual upbringing in that her parents lived on a 57 ft. converted M.T.B. (Motor Torpedo Boat) lying at Shoreham by Sea. At age 21 she decided to take up teacher training and attended the Wall Hall College in Hertfordshire. On completion of the course, and having a taste for adventure, she took the opportunity offered to young teachers at that time of taking a post in the Bahamas, where she spent four years teaching local children. With their different culture she found the job interesting and challenging.
On her return to this country her parents sold the boat and travelled around looking for a suitable place to settle and this brought them to Downham Market. She resumed her teaching career, in Denver, and she also became interested in amateur dramatics, and so two paths crossed.

Mike and Wendy were married in 1977 and their only daughter Catherine was born in 1979. Their first married home was at Littleport (being a compromise in distance between Ely and Downham Market, where Wendy was still teaching) however, shortly afterwards she transferred her teaching talents to Little Downham school, a post that she would hold for 20 years.

In 1984 came their move to Stuntney, still a village very much dominated by agriculture and still taking all the traffic of the A142. Plans for the bypass, however, were in hand and they liked the look of the house and the village. In 1987 Stuntney became a much more pleasant place to live when the bypass was finally completed.

Since their move to Stuntney they have not stood still. Wendy retired from teaching in 1995 as did Mike in 1997. Wendy has taken a degree course in History with French at the Cambridge A.P.U. College and she graduated in 2005. Mike had a complete change in vocation and worked as a self-employed decorator. He has now retired comletely. He gets much pleasure from playing the organ, he has an organ and a keyboard at home and also does guest performances at churches. He edits the Stuntney Newsletter, maintains the website, and is Chairman of Stuntney Social Club, with Wendy also serving on the Club Committee.

Currently Wendy is also treasurer of the Stuntney Village Council. She is also the current Chair of EDFAS - Ely Decorative and Fine Arts Society (a branch of the National Decorative and Fine Arts Society) Another of Wendy's interests is local history and she has built up a large archive of pictures, audio tapes and articles on Stuntney's past, copies of which are in the Cambridgeshire Collection at the Cambridge Central Library.

If you live in Stuntney and haven't already met Wendy, you will probably encounter her when she knocks on your door selling tickets for some village event, more than likely something that she has had a hand in organising.

It can be truly said that Mike and Wendy are assets to Stuntney, who believe that the village should not be just a place to live, but a living community.

September 2006 (amended January 2013)

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