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Personality No 3 - Trevor Benton

Stuntney resident Trevor Benton started a small plumbing and heating business in August 1955, after completing an apprenticeship himself.
Under his guidance and motto "no job too large or too small" the business has expanded over the years and has grown into the The Trevor Benton Group which embraces construction, plumbing and heating, electrical work and a successful car dealership in Station Road Ely, run by son Andrew. The Group operates like a family business, Trevor's daughter and son hold senior positions and many of the employees have long service with the firm. Group activities cover East Anglia, with offices in Ipswich and Felixstowe. Their head office has just relocated to new modern premises in Angel Drove Ely.
Trevor was born in Stuntney and has never lost his affection for the village. He and Betty are aways ready to support any local community activities.
While still actively involved with the running of his business, Trevor does have more time these days for leisure activities, including the breeding of racing pigeons (picture below).

October 2005. Trevor with his pigeons. As a member of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association his birds frequently
take part in events when they are released from distant places in this country and on the mainland of Europe.

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