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Personality No 2 - Reg Manning

Reg Manning, together with partner Elaine Adams, has not lived in Stuntney for very long but he is one of those people who soon gets noticed.
If there are any community activities going on in the village you can be sure that Reg will be involved. His particular interest is in classic motorcycles and in September 2005 he again visited the Manx Grand Prix, taking his favourite bike, a 1934 Rudge. He says the old bike will still touch 80 mph, not bad for a seventy year old machine, in fact that comment could also apply to the rider, there is no a great difference in their ages.
He is also an ingenious engineer who will enthusiastically tackle the work of bringing an old bike back to life after many years of neglect. Missing parts are no obstacle to Reg, who will either source them somewhere or make new ones.

March 2010. He has just completed the restoration of a 1935 Panther Redwing 600cc (pictured above), the building of which took 12 years
owing to the rarity of parts. It is finally ready for the road and is soon to be ridden in a Veteran Motorcycle Rally in Luxembourg.

Reg with his 'Sweep's' outfit at a local wedding.

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