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Some of the prize winners ......

with Councillor Liz Every who not only judge the competition but also presented the certificates and "First Place" prizes.Photo thanks to Rodney Vincent.

Prize giving took place during the village council meeting being in the Social Club on Wednesday 11th September. Those prizewinners who were unable to be with us will receive their certificates in the very near future.

Judging was on Front Gardens only. The criteria for judging was based on 1-5 marks allocated to:

Design/Impact, Colour, Freshness, Maintenance giving a maximum total of 20 marks. Consideration was also given as to whether the garden could be viewed by a person passing by and how well the approach to the property was maintained and the impact it had on the village.

The winners are as follows:

Area 1: A142, Nornea and Quanea

First   Number 3, Nornea 16 marks

Second   Harlocks Frm House 14 marks

Joint third    White Gates, Quanea 12 marks

Joint third    Quanea Farm 12 marks

Area 2:Soham Road and Hallfield Terrace

First   Number 3 Hallfield Terrace 15 marks

Joint Second   Number 5 Hallfield Terrace (hidden from outside) 14 marks

Joint Second   Teatree (hidden from outside) 14 marks

Area 3: Lower Road

First   Number 22 Lower Road 11 marks

Second   Number 32 Lower Road 10 marks

Third   Rye House, Lower Road 9 marks

Area 4: Steward Close

Joint First;   Number 14 Steward Close 20 marks

Joint First;   Number 16 Steward Close 20 marks

Third;   Number 1 Steward Close 15 marks

Our judge said that she thoroughly enjoyed her afternoon and was delighted to see the effort some people had put in to make their gardens and in turn the village environment attractive.

Thank you so very much!

Estelle Lankester

Stuntney in Bloom

Calling people of Stuntney, your village needs you!

Now that the sun has finally decided to show its face, we thought it was time to celebrate as a village in bloom.

Stuntney would like to welcome all budding Titmarshes, Dimmocks and flower pot men to make our village bloomin marvellous. We have a beautiful village, so lets make the most of it.

It doesn't matter if you know your Poppies from your Pansies, or your Hyacinth from your Hydrangea…..If your garden is the size of a football pitch or a Subbuteo table. Afterall, size does not matter, it's what you do with it that counts!

Judging and prizes will take place in early August across with separate winners for each road in Stuntney as well as Quanea and Nornea, we may even award an overall winner. You do not need to apply to enter, entry is automatic.

We hope you all join in and make Stuntney a floral paradise.

Happy Gardening.

Estelle Lankester

(Acting Chair, Stuntney Village Council)

Thursday 27th June - an event in the Social Club.

Newmarket Probus Club

Stuntney's own Trevor Benton is the present Chairman of the Newmarket Probus Club and he and Betty hosted a strawberry tea party in the Social Club. Approximately fifty people gathered there and had a delightful tea.

Following the "party", the visitors then had a look around our lovely Church and then went to Trevor and Betty's for tea and coffee.

Here are some photos of the gathering:



East Cambridgeshire District Council

Councillor Tony Cornell, a resident of Stuntney, has been appointed as the new Chairman of East Cambridgeshire District Council in succession to Councillor Tony Parramint. Cllr Cornell will be assisted in his many "public" duties by his wife Margaret.

Congratulations to Tony on this appointment and, on behalf of the Village of Stuntney, may I wish Tony and Margaret a very happy term of Office.

Cllr Tony Cornell

Cllrs Tony Parramint and Tony Cornell


The meeting of the Village Council on Wednesday 15th May was extra special as the newly installed Mayor of Ely, Elaine Griffin-Singh, joined the meeting. This was the Mayor's first "official visit" anywhere since she was installed last Monday (13th May).

Estelle Lankester (Chair) with Mrs. Griffin-Singh

The Mayor with the members of the Village Council.

(Photos - with thanks to Rodney Vincent)

The Minutes of this particular meeting are available here.



Services are normally held at 9.00 am each Sunday morning. Special services will be announced on the Main Page.


The next meeting of the Village Council will be on

Wednesday 12th March 2014 at 7pm in the Social Club.
This meeting will include the Annual General Meeting
All residents of Stuntney are most welcome to attend.

(Meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of the "odd" numbered months.)

REMEMBER: ALL residents of Stuntney are entitled to attend.

Previous Events

Badminton Party
The annual badminton tornament has been taking place this weekend in the Ely area - and the players and supporters came to the Social Club on Saturday evening (23rd February) for their party. Several people from Belgium were there as well and a great time was had by all.

Many thanks to Philip May of Stuntney (in particualr) as he was responsible for much of the organisation of the weekend.

Below are some pictures from the evening - including the last of the hog!!


The hog has had it!                                    It's dance time?


Distributing presents!                                    The organisers!!

Stuntney Bird Weekend!

Duncan Poyser gave a great talk on Saturday evening (19th January) and then on Sunday 20th (despite the weather) the Club was a hive of activity as people gathered together to make Bird Boxes.

Here are some pictures (kindly supplied by Angela Poyser).




Many thanks to Duncan, Rich and Angela for all their hard work. But also thanks to all who turned out for both occasions, despite the weather.

Frost on the Trees


(Photographs kindly supplied by Rodney Vincent.)

Did you see .......?

Despite the expensive high-tech devices installed at Ely's Rail Bridge, vehicles continue to hit the bridge, resulting in lengthy and expensive delays. Did you see this incident on 14th November 2012 - it tops the lot! (Sorry about the pun!!)

(Thanks to Rodney Vincent for supplying the text and the photos.)

  • 13th May 2012: For the CURRENT bus timetables, please click here.

    From Sunday April 1st 2012, Cambridgeshire police can only be contacted on 101 for all non-emergency calls. The old 0345 number will be switched off and a recorded message will tell people to call 101.

    Please tell everyone!

    If you would like to see images and articles from previous entries, you will find them by clicking here.

    The Inner Wheel Club of Ely

    The Inner Wheel Club of Ely was priveledged to use the social club in Stuntney for a fund raising event in aid of CAM MIND - the chosen charity for President Pauline Lancaster, last Friday August 10th.

    A full hall enjoyed an afternoon playing bridge, conducted by Malcolm Fletcher,and a superb tea assisted by President Pauline Lancaster, Constance Heald, Christine Bonnett, Betty Flack, Charlotte Milliken, Mary Spinks and Helen Shanassy.


    (Photos by Rod Vincent and Mike Fox)



    1952       1962       1972       1982       1992       2002       2012
    Stuntney's Jubilee Party

    Thank you!
    To everyone who was involved in any way with the marvellous Diamond Jubilee Party on Monday 3rd June 2012, thank you for your all-round generosity of time, energy, skills, abilities, and financial support. But we must not forget all our guests who helped to make up a wonderful total of more than 150 people.

    And here are some images from the Jubilee Party - a wonderful time was had by all!

    More pictures are "on-line" at Jubilee Pictures.

    If you would like to submit more pictures, please do - you can leave them with the Stuntney Webmaster


    The Princess and Prince of Stuntney


    The Queen and King of Stuntney

    (but only for the day!)

    And some of the beautiful flower arrangements in our Church:


    Photos courtesy of Rodney Vincent


    Members of the Pigeon Club and some of their pigeons.

    Photos courtesy of Mark Langford

    Our old conker tree has quite a brief spell in May when it is looking at its best.


    (Photos kindly provided by Rodney Vincent)

    The Rain ..... Rodney Vincent has sent in this report:

    Our weather has a habit of confounding predictions and so it happened for the month just ended. Hardly had the hosepipe ban been announced than the rain started and the month finished with a total of 101 mm, more than three times the April average over the last 10 years. This is also in contrast with April, 2011 when we had just 1.5 mm.
    Newspapers love to deal in records but as far as Stuntney is concerned nothing very exceptional has occurred. The month's rainfall was a long way short of April 1998 which produced 146 mm, and in 2000 the present figure was equalled at 101.
    Farmers and gardeners must be greatly relieved even if the holiday industry is having a bad time. As I write (May 1st) it looks like rain but who knows what is in store? Nature will continue to be capricious, who can remember the appointment of a Minister for Drought, Mr Denis Howell, in 1976 after a very hot summer. He must have done the trick as almost immediately it began to rain.

    From Sunday April 1st 2012, Cambridgeshire police can only be contacted on 101 for all non-emergency calls. The old 0345 number will be switched off and a recorded message will tell people to call 101.

    Please tell everyone!

    The Great Stuntney Litter Pick
    Have you noticed that there is a large amount of litter lying around in our village, on the approach roads and the bypass? Well, something HAS been done about it! We will have the

    Great Stuntney Litter Pick
    Sunday 22nd April 2012.

    The Litter Pick was a great success. A group of people gathered and off they went picking up the rubbish.

    Some of the pickers ................

    And the end products ...................


    A very big thanks to all who help!

    If you would like to see images and articles from previous entries, you will find them by clicking here.


    A visit to
    The Path Finder Museum
    at RAF Wyton (Huntingdon) This took place on Sunday 15th April 2012.and what an interesting visit? Six people from the Village (accompanied by three friends) spent a most delightful and informative couple of hours looking at various artifacts - from gloves through uniforms to Merlin engines - whilst having an interesting commentary on the things we were looking at! I hate to say it, but, if you weren't there, you missed a great afternoon! Sorry!!!
    A very big thanks to Elaine and Reg for organising the visit!

    Elizabeth Ikin - Photographs

    "The River Great Ouse"

    Stuntney's Elizabeth Ikin has an exhibition of her wonderful photographs showing at The Old Fire Engine House, St. Mary's Street, Ely until 1st April 2012. This picture (courtesy of Rodney Vincent) was taken at the Private View on Thursday 1st March. Do pop in and see the excellent and attractive pictures.

    You can also see works by Elizabeth at

  • Friday 16th March Major Earthworks on the drove below Lower Road. All part of the creation of an access road.

    (Photographs from Jim Spinks)

  • Saturday 4th February 2012

    Rodney Vincent has submitted this report: "The early morning temperature went down to -12.5 c (9.5 f) today. It rarely gets that low, I have kept records since the 1940s and the lowest I have recorded was in 1982 when I logged -13.8 c but that was when we were living at Folksworth. I checked with Gerald Rolfe just now and in Ely he got a slightly lower reading than us of below -13 c..That's pretty cold!"

    And three pictures from Jim Spinks showing a very cold village!

  • Sunday 5th February 2012: The recent snow caused some problems in the village. However, life appears to be getting back to normal!

    The crabapple tree at The Keyes has proven to be a delight for the birds.
    They made a real effort to strip all the "apples" off the tree as quickly as possible!
    So seven days later, we have the "before" and "after"

    Tuesday 28th February: The dip in Lower Road leaving the Man hole cover at a dangerous height has been rectified today. Residents can now drive on the right side of the road. I had better rephrase the latter statement. They can now drive on the left hand side of the road in the direction they are travelling rather than on the right side when heading for the Stewards Close area! (Thanks to Jim Spinks for this update.)

  • Recent Events


    Santa takes five minutes out of his very busy 'Pre-Christmas Season World Journey' that he does to verify who's been good and who's been naughty!'

    He popped in to say 'Don't forget, I'm making a special early visit to the Ely Christmas Fair on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th December.

    The Fair is being held at Harlock's Farm Stuntney and proceeds will be going to Cystic Fibrosis, so I hope to see you all this weekend'.

    Daffodil planting

    A small but enthusiastic group set to work on Sunday 27th November to plant the large number of daffodil bulbs kindly donated to the village.
    Both ends of the village should benefit from the results by next March.(Photos: Rodney Vincent)

    History Evening

    "Half time" during Wendy Fox's history talk - an excellent evening with more than 50 people attending (some from north Norfolk).

    A History Evening - an illustrated talk presented by Wendy Fox - Friday 25th November!

    Villagers enjoying the bonfire on 5th November

    August 19th, Stuntney Clubrooms were filled to capacity today when The Inner Wheel Club of Ely held a Bridge party in aid of the charity 'Red Balloon' - the Cambridge Learning Centre for the recovery of bullied children.
    The event was organized by Betty Flack, who is President of The Wheel for the second year running.Its success can be judged by the number of players (48) occupying 12 tables. Betty estimates the amount raised will exceed £500.

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