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Stuntney Village Council

Council Members (as at 11th November 2015)

Chair of Council - Alison Morbey

Secretary - Karen Wright

Treasurer - Elaine Adams

Committee Members: (alphabetical order) Mike Fox, Estelle Lankester, Terry Lankester, Reg Manning, Robin Mason, Rodney Vincent

For future reference, Village Council Meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of the odd numbered months (January, March, May, July, September and November).


Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 13th January 2016

Members Present: Alison Morbey (Chair), Elaine Adams (Treasurer), Karen Wright (Secretary), Estelle Lankester, Rodney Vincent, Terry Lankester, Reg Manning, Michael Fox

1. Apologies Received:

Lis Every (Mayor of Ely City Council)

2. Minutes of last meeting 11th December 2015:

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a fair and accurate record with an amendment from Dog failing to Dog Fouling under item 4 - Tidy Village Initiative.

Proposed by: Estelle Lankester

Seconded by: Mike Fox

3. Matters arising of previous meeting:

Entrance Gates to Village - have been given approval for the funding.

Final prices to be established for hardwood posts with the remaining in softwood. All to be stained/painted white.

The application for the Licence to Cambridgeshire County Council can now be submitted, with final locations of gates and tyres established.

It is proposed that an item on the next newsletter should be included to ask for help with the planting/maintenance of the tyres.

More detailed information is required from Peter Dawe - Social Club Committee for what works are to be undertaken at the Club, for the funding to be finalised.

4. Connecting Cambridgeshire Broadband Update:

Email has been received from Jane Sneesby (Connecting Cambridgeshire) informing that currently they have no additional details to update the committee with, and it would be more advantageous to attend the next meeting in March. This item to be first agenda item on the March Agenda.

Estelle has emailed Lucy Frazers office informing of our disappointed that Stuntney Village Council had not been invited/informed of the open meeting. A further email was then received inviting us to a second meeting taking place at Stetchworth on Friday 22nd January.

Rodney, Elaine and Reg will attend to represent the Village Council.

5. Any Other Business:

Reg would like to invite Robin Mason to join the committee. Karen to contact Robin via email and introduce the committee and invite to the next committee.

Soil Improver - at present only 4 requests have been received for the soil improver. It is proposed when a date has been arranged the soil improver will stored at Seymours Paddock. (This item to be added to March Agenda for update)

The Old Post Office - no further information has been received as to any progress. This is now an issue between the owners and Cambridgeshire Highways department.

Karen has created an account for the Council on the East Cambridgeshire D C Public Access system (the online system for Planning Applications). Any application submitted within Stuntney, will send an email to the Stuntney Village Council email address.

Terry reported that 5 hare-courses had been caught by the Police in December.

Alison suggested that a village outing should be investigated and The Straw Burning Plant, Sutton was suggested by Rodney and Alison suggested G's Mushroom Farm at Little Ouse.

6. Date of Next Meeting:

The date of the Next Meeting will be Wednesday 9th March 2016.


Minutes of the Meeting held Wednesday 11th November 2015

Members Present: Alison Morbey (Chair), Elaine Adams (Treasurer), Karen Wright (Secretary), Estelle Lankester, Rodney Vincent, Terry Lankester, Reg Manning, Alison Morbey

1. Apologies Received: Michael Fox, Lis Every (Mayor of Ely City Council)

2. Minutes of last meeting 9th September 2015:

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a fair and accurate record, with an amendment to the Stuntney in Bloom item, changing "overall entries" to "overall improvement in appearance".

Proposed by: Alison Morbey

Seconded by: Rodney Vincent

3. Matters arising of previous meeting:

The old Post Office- Cambridgeshire County Council, Highways Division (Steve Alexander) confirmed that a formal application was being processed for a stopping-Up Order from the Lupton Pikes.

Seymour's Paddock - Notification that minor amendments to the planning application has been received.

Wi-Fi - Estelle Lankester, will give an update in reference to Connecting Cambridgeshire via email.

It would appear that MP Lucy Frazer held an Open Meeting at the end of October. The committee were not informed of this meeting and Estelle has emailed Ms Frazers office informing of this. A reply is awaited.

Soil Improver - requests should be emailed Estelle, who will advise of deliver date and location. A possible location, centre to the village, would be the Social Club Car park. A Tarpaulin to be placed underground, if the car park is used. A reminder of the offer of Soil Improver from G's and the need to contact Estelle, should be included in the next news letter.

4. Tidy Village Initiative:

Alison Morbey stated that the village appears much tidier in general.

Dog Fouling - Rodney Vincent highlighted that the dog fouling was still bad on Soham Road from the Social Club when travelling in the direction of Ely.

5. Any Other Business:

Rodney reported the Neighbour Watch Scheme was working well.

The committee would like to thank Alistair Morbey for the use of field for Bonfire Night.

6. Date of Next Meeting:

The date of the Next Meeting will be Wednesday 13th January 2016.

Stuntney Village Council

Meeting held on 9th September 2015

in Stuntney Social Club at 7pm

Present: Estelle Lankester (Chair), John Spencer, Rodney Vincent, Mike Fox, Elaine Adams, Alison Morbey, Terry Lankester.

Also present: Coun Lis Every (Ely City Council), Coun Michael Rouse (East Cambs District Council), Alistair Stubbs, Jane Sneesby and Sarah March (Connecting Cambridgeshire), Mrs Jess Lupton-Pike, (for agenda item 5), Alastair Morbey (for agenda item 4)

1. Apologies: Reg Manning

2. Minutes of the last Meeting: The minutes of the meeting of 8 July 2015 were accepted as a fair and accurate record.

Agenda Items

3. Stuntney in Bloom 2015:

Prizes were presented to the various winners. EL said there had been more entries than last year and the event had been a big success. Details of winners and prizes would be posted on the village website.

4. Proposal to build housing at Seymour's Paddock, Lower Road:

Local resident Alastair Morbey, accompanied by his professional advisers, displayed drawings of the proposed residential development and answered questions from members.

After discussion members agreed that they had no objections to the proposals.

5. Land to the Soham Road side of the Old Post Office:

Mrs Lupton-Pike outlined her intentions for hard landscaping to the front of her property, including land adjacent to her garage. A discussion followed in which Mrs Lupton-Pike explained she intended applying to the planning authorities for a 'stopping-up order' to allow the changes to go ahead.

Concerns were expressed about the impact the changes would have for those wishing to access the post box from Soham Road by car. There were also concerns about the impact of the scheme for pedestrians.

Of the seven SVC members present three had no objections (pending further design details), three were opposed to the proposal, with one undecided.

Action: It was agreed that these views would be shared with the planning authorities if asked.

6. Stuntney Village Broadband:

Jane Sneesby and Sarah Marsh from Connecting Cambridgeshire, the body charged with improving broadband provision to smaller communities, It was explained that government funding was available for places such as Stuntney, which was not well served by the current arrangements.

Residents expressed their disappointment at the very poor provision currently on offer, despite the proximity of the village to Ely.

The CC representatives said Stuntney was now in the next phase of the upgrade programme and the work would be undertaken within two years. They undertook to keep the Village Council updated and informed of developments.

7. Tidy Village Initiative:

EL reported that we had been asked to resubmit our application to ECDC for grant assistance, as additional monies might be available. It was agreed that this would be done, subject to ECDC guidance, and in association with the Social Club Committee as monies might be available to improve the premises.

8. Other Business:

Following the recent visit to the Gee's plant the company had offered to donate soil improver to the village. Residents would have to collect the material themselves and would be asked to make a donation to charity.

Action: It was agreed that the offer would be publicised via the newsletter/website and residents interested in the offer would be asked to let EL know via the Social Club.

Next Meeting: 7pm on 11th November 2015 in the Social Club.

There being no further business, the Meeting closed at 8.33 pm.

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