1.    The name of the council will be The Stuntney Village Council (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Council’).

2.   The aims of the Council will be to look after the interests of Stuntney village and its inhabitants and to liaise with the local Councils on behalf of the village and its inhabitants.

3.   The Council shall consist of a maximum of 12 and a minimum of 6 residents of Stuntney.

4.   The Membership of the Council shall be open to residents of Stuntney over the age of 18 years and all members of the Council shall have full voting rights.

5.   The Council shall have the power to co-opt up to three members, and to co-opt one member who shall be under 18 years old. Co-opted members shall have the right to vote.

6.   The Council shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. At the first meeting of the said Council they will elect a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. These officers will serve for a maximum of three years and will not be eligible for re-election to the same office within two further years.

7.   The quorum shall be five of the Council, and should have the authority to call an extraordinary general meeting.

8.   The Council shall call an Annual General Meeting on the second Wednesday of November each year giving at least 14 days notice in writing to the residents of Stuntney.

9.   The Council shall meet at least six times a year: on the second Wednesday of the months of January, March, May, July, September and November.

10. Only members of the Council present at a meeting shall be entitled to vote.

11. If at any meeting of the Council a subject is to be discussed that may be of beneficial interest to any member or members of the Council, that member or those members shall be asked to retire from the meeting for the duration of the discussion of that subject.

12. The Accounts as at 31st October of each year shall be examined by a suitably qualified person or persons and these shall be submitted to the Annual General Meeting.

13. The members of the Council shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the Stuntney Village Council as a result of the discharge of their duties on their behalf, except such loss as arises from their willful default, and they shall be entitled to an indemnity out of assets of the Council for all expenses and other liabilities incurred by them in the discharge of their respective duties.

14. All monies received on behalf of the Stuntney Village Council shall be kept in safe custody by the Treasurer and deposited in the Nationwide Building Society account as soon as possible. The signatories to the account(s) shall be the Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary and any cheques drawn on the Council account shall be signed by two of the signatories.

15. In the event of the dissolution of the Council, all surplus funds shall, after six months and within one year of the dissolution, be transferred to another village concern or charities as the Council shall in its absolute discretion decide.

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