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The Church of the Holy Cross

Stuntney Church as seen in June 2003, before the new houses had been built

The present church at Stuntney was almost completely rebuilt in 1876 on the site of a much earlier building, going back to Norman times. An idea of the old building is given by the engraving shown below, dated 1806.

April 16th. The Chancel on Easter Sunday


For a small Church Stuntney Holy Cross is particularly well endowed with five beautiful stained glass windows, three of which were erected by the Cole Ambrose family.

Select (click on) small image below for a larger picture and description of each window.
Left to right: The triple lancet style window in the east wall of the Chancel, the window in the south wall,
the r/h window in the west wall, the l/h window in the west wall, the window in the north wall.

Holy Cross Church, Stuntney

The Annual General Meeting of the Holy Cross Church, Stuntney was held on Sunday 19th April in the Church.

More details (including the new officers) will be available soon. Thanks to Rodney Vincent for yet another superb photograph!

From left to right: Mrs. Julia Strong, Mrs. Barbara Kippax, Mr. Trevor Benton, Mrs. Betty Flack, Mrs. Mary Spinks, Mr. Jim Spinks, Revd. John Isaacs and Revd. Margaret Harper (not forgetting Mr Rodney Vincent behind the camera!).

Stuntney Church Services
Services are normally held at 9.00 am each Sunday morning. For special services see below.

Services are nomally held at 9 am each Sunday morning. For other special Church services or events see the 'Stuntney events' page.

To visit an interesting website giving some lovely pictures of the architectural treasures of our Church, provided by The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland, copyright The British Academy select here Go to Stuntney Events page
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