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Minutes of Meeting 14th November 2012



Present: Rodney Vincent (RV), Penni Webb (PW), Angela Poyser (AP), Mike Fox (MF), Wendy Fox (WF), Estelle Lankester (EL), John Spencer (JS), Alison Morbey (AM),

1. Apologies: Reg Manning (RM), Terry Lankester (TL), Elaine Adams (EA)


2. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed. Matters carried forward:

Nest boxes (AP)

Hedge trimming (AM)


3. Correspondence:

There was no correspondence.


4. Stuntney By-Pass

There is a possibility of a public enquiry. The by-pass will start on the A142 just north of the allotments. The Tesco move is likely to go ahead.


5. Any Other Business:

Jubilee tree WF has been offered an oak tree which is 3feet tall. It was agreed that this kind offer would be accepted. WF asked if the money from the jubilee party could now be used to provide a metal tree protector. It was suggested that the tree could be positioned on the land at the bottom of the hill. AP will investigate who owns the land. Another option would be on Gossamer field.

The railway road at the bottom of the gardens of Lower Road has now been stopped due to the lack of funds available. JS will contact Spencer to find out who to write to get the metal security fences removed.

Highways Department to be asked to cut back suckers on tree on village green. EA

The white lines at the north end of the village need repainting. EA

Rodney thanked Penni on behalf of the council for the work she had done as Secretary.


6. Decision and Action List:

AP to contact council re nest boxes.

AP to find out owner of land for tree.

JS to contact Spencer re rail barrier fencing.

EA to write to Highways Department re tree suckers on village green.

EA to write to Highways Department re white lines at north entrance to village.



6. Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 9th January 2013 at 7 p.m.

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