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Minutes of the meeting

Wednesday 9th November



Present: Nigel Bell (NB), Wendy Fox (WF), Penni Webb (PW), Mike Fox (MF), Rodney Vincent (RV), Margaret Cornell (MC), John Spencer (JS), Terry Lankester (TL), Estelle Lankester (EL), Angela Poyser (AP), Shelley Garland (SG), Andy Milne (A Milne), Reg Manning (RM), Elaine Adams (EA)


1. Apologies: Alison Morbey (AM)


2. The minutes of the last meeting were approved. There were no matters arising.


3. There was no correspondence.


4. Stuntney Vision Questionnaire.

NB gave a brief resume of the results which were interesting but not surprising.

(i)                 67% felt there should be no housing growth outside the current envelope. This is drawn around the existing houses but excludes Hallfield Terrace, the three houses by the Church and the orchard.

(ii)               Small businesses were not supported.

(iii)             There was a lot of support for a new shop/farm shop but this is not down to the council.

(iv)             If money was available there was overwhelming support for improvements to be made to a pedestrian/cycle route to Ely. This has been included in the Market Town Strategy for Ely.


EL remarked that the questionnaire did not include a specific question regarding the village hall to near to the playground. It was felt that enough people had put it down in their comments for it to be included.

RV felt the Social Club building is underused and suggested it could be used as a farm shop on a weekly basis. It was suggested this could be incorporated into the coffee mornings. MF said the farm shop has previously been suggested at Harlock’s Farm.

It was quite clear the demand for a path is pretty high and the Council should continue to press for a path that is not beside the road. At the very least this should be included if there is a southern by-pass.


5. Southern By-pass


A meeting had been held at AM’s home. EL gave a presentation of the discussions.

17 people had been at the meeting and an artist’s impressions of the proposed by-pass were passed around. The resulting outcome was 15 in favour of an underpass and 2 in favour of a bypass, one with the proviso that the profile is looked at more closely and the impact lessened.


Possible problems with the proposed by-pass


Actions for the village


Other points to note


Requirement for the village

As it is likely that some sort of improvement will go ahead that will enable traffic to increase even faster than its current progressive level, some improvements need to be made.


Further information

All response to the consultation must be with the County Council by 22nd November 2011. or



RV added that the underpass has received more support than previously.

NB said the underpass could be done in a weekend but there is a 10% chance that it could take longer. This risk has to be acceptable to Network Rail and 10% is too high.

In terms of visual impact, English Heritage objected very strongly when first proposed and when the council was in consultation with English Heritage.

A public enquiry would be required for the by-pass but not for the underpass.

Tesco is almost definitely moving but the timescale is not set. The County Council has not linked the move by Tesco to the by-pass. Tesco want to move towards Witchford. It will have to pay towards the infrastructure but not directly to the by-pass. The only extra money which would not come from the developer’s money would be Network Rail paying to keep the crossing closed longer.

There was discussion about moving the river to allow for the slope to an underpass to be viable.


There was a proposal from the meeting essentially in favour of the underpass. A vote was taken as to whether the Village Council should write a letter to the council regarding this proposal.

Those in favour of writing a letter supporting the underpass 12

Those against writing a letter supporting the underpass            1

Abstaining                                                                                  1


NB and EL will write the letter.


6. A.O.B.


There was none.


7. Decision List:

New members to give Penni their email addresses.

NB and EL to write a letter re the underpass.

PW to send email to Ely City Council re village sign.

Item about daffodils to be included in the Newsletter.


8. The date of the next meeting:

Wednesday 11th January 2012 at 7.00 p.m.




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