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Stuntney Village Council

Minutes of the Meeting

held on Wednesday 11th September 2013 at 8:30 pm


Estelle Lankester, Acting Chair (EL), Rodney Vincent (RV), Angela Poyser (AP), Mike Fox (MF), Wendy Fox (WF), Terry Lankester(TL), Elaine Adams (EA), Lis Every (LE) Ely City Council

1.         Apologies for absence:

John and Jean Spencer and Alison Morbey sent their apologies.

2.         Minutes of the last meeting (10th July, 2013):

The minutes were accepted as a fair record of proceedings.

3.         Matters arising from the minutes:

Jubilee Tree:

All the information was passed to LE so that she could deal with it, resubmitting at the next appropriate Ely Council Meeting.

Dog Waste Bin:

EL reported that it was not being emptied regularly. A villager is going to spray paint the bag to show if they are being emptied along with the rubbish bins.

Notice Board:

LE has information to show that Ely Council purchased it, so she thought that they should take charge of following it up. It was pointed out that the door needs replacing, preferably by one in which the perspex could be replaced if vandalism occurred, as was the case with our previous wooden notice board.

4.         Future Meetings:

MF reported that The Yoga Group has kindly planned their year so that the Village Council are able to meet at their usual time of 7pm, every two months.

5.         Stuntney in Bloom:

A number of prizes were kindly donated by local businesses and these and some certificates were presented by the Deputy Mayor, (LE) to some of the successful gardeners.

The Village Council thank both (LE) and the sponsors: Brands, Cutlacks, Goldings and Wilkinsons.

6.         Wildlife Pond:

JS will be raising the matter directly with AW management.

7.         Other Business:

WF raised the matter of the Stuntney road sign on the A142, directly opposite the village entrance.

It needs replacing as it is lying on the verge, after an altercation with a lorry. The bollards are still awaiting replacement. With winter fast approaching, the entrance to Stuntney is becoming difficult to see.

RV, as Neighbourhood Representative, noted that there was no reported crime in Stuntney. The police were having success with fly tipping and diesel theft.

WF remarked on the wonderful condition of the village play area and the new equipment. She will be writing a letter of thanks to Ely Council.

RV gave a reminder to all of the forthcoming Coffee Morning on Wednesday 18th Sept.

(NB: Lis Every and Tracey Coulson need to be included on the email list to receive the minutes.)


There being no other business, the Meeting closed at 9:10 pm

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