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Minutes of Meeting 15 May, 2013



Estelle Lankester, Acting Chair (EL), Rodney Vincent (RV), Angela Poyser (AP), Mike Fox (MF), Wendy Fox (WF), John Spencer (JAS), Jean Spencer (JS), Terry Lankester (TL), Elaine Adams (EA)

Coun Elaine Griffin-Singh, Mayor of the City of Ely (E G-S)

Cameron Martin, village resident

Reg Manning, village resident


1. Apologies for absence:

There were no apologies for absence


2. Minutes of the last meeting (13 March, 2013):

The minutes incorrectly stated that EA had been asked to liaise with the City Council regarding pruning of the tree on the village green. This had already been done.

With the above amendment, the minutes were accepted.


3. Matters Arising from the Minutes:

Fencing near Lower Road:

JAS confirmed that the fencing had now gone and removal of the temporary roadway was nearing completion.


Jubilee Tree planting:

Although a site had been identified next to Stuntney Causeway, the City Council had not granted permission for it to be planted. JS had reviewed the documentation relating to sewer and water mains; none were shown in the vicinity.

E G-S said there appeared to have been a misunderstanding over the location; she would take a look at the site and arrange for the matter to be considered again.

The meeting recorded a vote of thanks to MF for restoring the tree guard.

Action: EL undertook to establish the location of any gas mains.


Traffic bollard, A142-Causeway Junction:

E G-S said that one possible way forward could be to submit a funding bid under Cambridgeshire County Councilís Minor Highways Improvement Scheme. Applications were co-ordinated by the City Council. Bids were considered annually in October.

Action: JAS to submit a funding bid to Ely City Council making the case for the bollard to be illuminated on grounds of road safety.


Ely By-Pass:

The SVCís views had been submitted, and receipt acknowledged, by the County Council. JS reported that she had seen Alex Plant, Executive Director of Economy, Transport and Environment at CCC, who had indicated that he felt the councilís views were logical and reasonable.






4. Other Business:


Social Club:

a) A recently established yoga club had requested use of the Social Club on Wednesday evenings. This meant a potential clash with the bi-monthly meeting of the SVC. It was agreed that the Club was a facility for the whole community and every effort should be made to accommodate as many users as possible.

Action: The next meeting would go ahead as planned. If holding the council meeting and the yoga session at the same time presented problems for either group efforts would be made to reach a satisfactory compromise.


b) EA said she felt the Social Club Committee should be asked to do something about the large number of discarded cigarette ends which accumulated near the entrance to the Hall.


c) It was agreed that a letter of apology would be sent to the Social Club Committee following the rescheduling, without proper negotiation, of the SVCís May meeting.


Village Noticeboard:

TL offered to repair the vandalised noticeboard if materials were available. E G-S said she would find out if there was any City Council funding for the work.

Action: MF would supply one of the noticeboard keys to the Acting Chair.


Nest Boxes:

The meeting informed the Mayor of the ongoing and unresolved issue of siting nest boxes in the recreation area. Bureaucratic buck-passing had meant that boxes made by local children this spring had not been put up, despite the communityís willingness to install and maintain them.

Action: E G-S said she would look into the matter and report back.


Dog Waste Bin:

EL said there had been complaints that the bin was not being emptied frequently enough.

E G-S said the bin should be emptied weekly.

Action: E G-S would raise the matter at the next meeting of the City Councilís Street Furniture Committee, and look again at options for a second bin in the village.


EL thanked all those who had helped remove suckers from the base of the tree on the Village Green, particularly Alison Morbey who had arranged for the disposal of the branches.


Village Newsletter:

It was agreed that in future the task of delivering the newsletter be shared.

Action: MF to notify SVC members when the newsletter was ready for collection and delivery.


Mayorís Report:

The Mayor said she wanted to increase communication between the council and communities such as Stuntney. City Council meetings, and committee meetings, were open to the public. Each meeting included an item where members of the public could raise matters of concern.

[A full list of Ely City Council meetings can be found at:]


5. Next Meeting:

The next meeting will take place 7pm on 10 July, 2013, in the Social Club.


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 8.05pm.

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