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Minutes of Meeting 9th May 2012



Present: Rodney Vincent (RV), Nigel Bell (NB), Elaine Adams (EA),  Estelle Lankester (EL), Terry Lankester (TL), Angela Poyser (AP), Penni Webb (PW), Mike Fox (MF), Margaret Cornell (MC)


1. Apologies: John Spencer, Alison Morbey (AM) , Wendy Fox (WF), Reg Manning


2. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising:

MF to include item about scrap dealers and available stickers in the Newsletter.

Some metal on the BT pole near the church has been removed.


3. Correspondence:

A reply has been received from the council about the pond liner and the wild life. The query has been registered and the council said it would write again later. TL to chase as the situation was not dealt with within the correct time scale.

No planning applications received.

The mayor making ceremony will take place on 14th May.

Also see item 5 below.


4. Ely By-pass:

Awaiting the appraisals of the options to come out in mid to late May. The Local Enterprise Partnership has money from the Regional Growth Fund of £16m which it has allocated to various schemes including the Ely Crossing.

Ely Action Group had a stall in the market recently and now have a website.

Route B and the underpass are the main options being considered.


5. A142 Speed Limit:

A letter had been received from Kevin Hall, Area Traffic Engineer asking for the committee’s comments on the proposed reduction of the speed limit from Ely to the northern Stuntney entrance – link 1A. It was agreed that PW would write a response indicating the council’s support for the measure but suggesting the reduced limit be extended to cover both exits from Stuntney.


6 Any Other Business:

A request was received that the tree by the Stuntney village sign be cut back to allow clearer sightline for vehicles leaving Lower Road. This was done a number of years ago. TL asked if the hedges could be done as well. The farm used to cut them back but Cole Ambrose now uses a contractor to cur back farm hedges. The area from the play area to the reservoir is now overgrown at the outside and is dying back on the inside. AM to investigate hedge trimming.

AP suggested nest boxes around the play area and in various trees. She should contact Ely City Council (Cathy White), Anglian Water and Cole Ambrose. AP’s husband is willing to organise a nest-building session. AP to discuss with MF to include in Newsletter. AP to contact Cole Ambrose re bat boxes.

The visit to EPR has been postponed and will now take place on one of the following dates: 30/5, 14/6 or 21/6 at 6.00 p.m.  RV to liaise.

Minutes to go on the website approximately 3 weeks after the meeting. PW will circulate draft minutes and all members should confirm or send any amendments to the secretary within 2 weeks. The final version can then be sent to MF for publishing.

Motorbikes are being a nuisance on the droves and also around the field at the back of Hallfield Terrace. People are advised to phone the police once the bikes are on public land. RV also advised people to speak to the PCSO at the Wednesday coffee mornings.

MF reported that the litter pick had been a great success.

WF had attended the City of Ely Council to thank it for the grant.

EL raised the subject of dog pooh and it was agreed she would contact the environmental crimes council man to visit the next council meeting.

The Newsletter will be coming out in the next few weeks.

The No. 12 bus timetable will change shortly.  MF to include in Newsletter.




6. Decision and Action List:

TL to write to the council re the pond.

PW to respond to letter re A142 speed limits.

AP to contact council re nest boxes.

AM to investigate hedge trimming.

RV to liaise with EPR.

EL to contact environmental crimes council man.

MF to include item re scrap dealers in Newsletter.

MF/AP to include item in Newsletter re nest boxes.

MF to include No.12 bus time changes in Newsletter.


7. Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 11th July 2012 at 7 p.m.

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