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Minutes of Meeting 13 March, 2013




Estelle Lankester, Acting Chair (EL), Rodney Vincent (RV), Angela Poyser (AP), Mike Fox (MF), Wendy Fox (WF), John Spencer (JAS), Jean Spencer (JS), Terry Lankester (TL), Elaine Adams (EA), Alison Morbey (AM)


 1. Minutes of the last meeting (9 January, 2013):


The minutes were accepted.


2. Matters Arising from the Minutes:


Fencing near Lower Road:

JAS confirmed that work had begun on the railway access road, apparently removing the hard core. The contractors had said the fencing would be removed once the work was completed.


Tree Pruning - Village Green:

EA had liaised with both Ely City Council and East Cambridgeshire District Council. The conclusion was that SVC members would do the work themselves. A working party would meet at 10am on 1 April; help from other members of the local community would be appreciated.


 Bollards and White-Lining, Causeway Junction:

AE said that the bollards had reportedly been cleaned. It was agreed that WF would write to Cambridgeshire County Council Highways department asking for the bollards to be illuminated in order to improve safety.


Mayoral Visit:

EL had contacted the Mayor’s office and hoped to confirm a date for a visit to Stuntney.

NB: The Mayor of Ely’s Office subsequently confirmed that the new Mayor would visit the village, and attend the Village Council at its next meeting, 15 May, 2013.


3. Ely Southern By-Pass:

The proposals for the by-pass were debated at length. It was agreed that the Village Council was opposed to the proposed elevated highway on the grounds that it would be detrimental to the visual amenity of the village, particularly the view of the Cathedral. It was also felt that a raised roadway would unnecessarily increase traffic noise levels. Light pollution from the junctions would also be intrusive. The Village Council favoured some form of subterranean solution, with the road passing beneath rather than over the railway lines.


If the elevated option was chosen the Village Council expected planners to make provision for the following:

   Safe access for vehicles leaving Stuntney village and joining the A142, by the installation of vehicle-operated traffic signals.

   Safe pedestrian and cycle ways beside the A142. The current provision is inadequate and highly dangerous for those wishing to cross the road.

   The A142 already creates a high level of noise pollution. The construction of the by-pass was likely to increase traffic speed, volume and noise. The Council expected planners to mitigate noise pollution, perhaps by the use of noise suppressing road surfacing.

   Traffic speeds are already too high. Speed restrictions should be imposed.


It was agreed that the Secretary (JAS) would write to the County Council with the Village Council’s views in order that they could be considered at the planned Public Inquiry.



4. Other Business:

JS said that Anglian Water was asking for customer views on water services. Any comments would be welcomed and fed into the company’s consultation process.

RV reported that cyber crime was on the increase. He would produce an update report for the next Village Newsletter.


Jubilee Tree: Following the meeting, AP was notified by Ely City Council that the Village Council’s request to plant the Jubilee Tree on land between Stuntney Causeway and the A142 would be considered by the City Council at their full meeting on 8 April.


JS undertook to try to repair the damaged wildlife pond beside the Anglian Water reservoir.


RV said local landscape photographer Ian Kippax would be showing photographs in the Social Club on 15 March.


5. Action List:

EA to liaise with City Council re pruning of tree on village green

WF to write to the County Council requesting illuminated traffic bollards

JAS to continue to monitor removal of temporary boundary fencing, rear of Lower Road

JAS to write to the County Council stating the Village Council’s position on the Ely Southern By-Pass proposals.


6. Next Meeting:

The next meeting will take place 7pm on 15 May, 2013, in the Social Club.


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 7.55pm.


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