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Minutes of Meeting 11th July 2012



Present: Rodney Vincent (RV), Nigel Bell (NB), Penni Webb (PW), Alison Morbey (AM), John Spencer (JS), Reg Manning (RM), Shelley Garland (SG), Andy Milne


1. Apologies: Wendy Fox (WF), Elaine Adams (EA),  Estelle Lankester (EL), Terry Lankester (TL), Angela Poyser (AP), Mike Fox (MF), Margaret Cornell (MC)


2. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed. Matters carried forward:

Letter re reservoir pond (TL)

Nest boxes (AP)

Hedge trimming (AM)

EPR. This had been put off because of the jubilee celebrations. RV has written to EPR but no reply received as yet. It was suggested the visit is put off until May next year.

Mark Mahaffy (Environmental Crimes) will be coming on 12th September.

The changes to the bus timetables are available at the bus stops.


3. Correspondence:

The City Council has recommended no reduced speed limits. It is the County Councilís decision whether to implement this. NB as local Councillor has recommended they do.

A letter of resignation has been received from Margaret Cornell.


4. Ely By-pass:

The Scrutiny Committee paper came out week commencing 2nd July. Many errors were within the document and problems were found. NB sent a letter to the local papers stating serious concerns about the artificial inflation of the by-pass whilst the underpass costs have been inflated from £15m to £30.8m. It raised the issue of a foot and cycle path over level crossing.

The report does not stand up to close scrutinisation e.g. the report incorrectly suggests that the underpass option would require the underpass to be fully closed for 6 months. Larger vehicles (incl. buses) will require a 7 minute detour along the bypass.

There is a meeting of the Scrutiny Committee on Thursday 12th July with the County Council at the Maltings. Public questions may be asked at the beginning of the meeting.

County Council website can provide a link to download the document.

There will be a consultation in October on the final choice made.


5. Any Other Business:

The balance banked from the Jubilee Party was £136.36.

The Village Council receives a grant of £85 which pays for the use of the Social Club for meetings  and the photocopying of 6 issues of the Newsletter. It was suggested that a rise to £100 be requested.

Concern was voiced over people parking cars on the pavement, particularly when the owners have their own off-road parking. An item about this will be included in the newsletter.

AM brought up plans for the Church and suggested that everyone went to view these plans. AM asked for people to write to Ruth Dennigan with their comments.

Footpaths are becoming difficult to negotiate with peopleís trees and shrubs hanging over. NB will put a request in the newsletter.

Complaints were voiced about the dance festival and the lack of warning given to villagers.


6. Decision and Action List:

TL to write to the council re the pond.

AP to contact council re nest boxes.

AM to investigate hedge trimming.

MF to include item re scrap dealers in Newsletter.

MF/AP to include item in Newsletter re nest boxes.

WF to request increase in council grant.

NB to include item re parking of cars on pavements in Newsletter.

NB to put a request in Newsletter re overhanging trees and shrubs.


7. Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 12th September 2012 at 7 p.m.

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