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Minutes of Meeting 9th January 2013




Rodney Vincent (RV), Penni Webb (PW), Angela Poyser (AP), Mike Fox (MF), Wendy Fox (WF), Estelle Lankester (EL), John Spencer (JAS), Jean Spencer (JS), Terry Lankester (TL)


1.     Apologies:

Apologies for absence were received from Reg Manning (RM), Elaine Adams (EA)


2.     Minutes of the last meeting (14th November, 2012):

It was noted that Jean Spencer had been appointed a member of the council at the AGM on 14 November 2012 and had attended the ordinary meeting on the same date, although this was not recorded in the minutes. With this amendment the minutes were accepted.


3. Matters Arising from the Minutes:

Nest boxes:

AP had received tacit approval from the City Council to site nest boxes in the Children’s Play Area; details of box location and maintenance would be provided to the council in due course.

Flyers were to be distributed for a talk by Duncan Poyser on the birds of Stuntney to be held at the Social Club on 19 January. The next day Mr Poyser would lead a next box building session, also at the Club.


Jubilee Tree:

AP confirmed that Highways Agency approval was required for the site between Stuntney Causeway and the A142. Approval would now be sought, with the Play Area as an alternative location. A tree protector had been acquired and would be refurbished.


Fencing near Lower Road:

JAS had been told by contractors Spencer that they would begin to remove the steel boundary fencing, and the recently built hard core roadway, ‘within the next two or three weeks’, as soon as weather conditions improved.


(Although unable to attend the meeting, EA submitted written updates on the next two items:)


Tree Pruning - Village Green:

EA was liaising with Ely City Council to ensure the chestnut tree was pruned in good time for the coming growing season.


Bollards and White-Lining, Causeway Junction:

EA had spoken to County Council contractors Balfour Beatty. The latter had undertaken to clean the bollards by 18 January. In addition, Balfour Beatty would advise on whether the bollards could be replaced by solar-illuminated bollards. If they were suitable, County Council investment would be needed to undertake the work.


Ely By-Pass Update:

There was no update on the by-pass.


3. Correspondence:

JAS had begun to receive Ely City Council meeting notifications, and minutes. It was agreed that he would circulate any of those he felt members might find of interest, with specific attention being paid to planning and other matters directly concerning Stuntney.


4. Other Business:

RV said there had been few theft or burglary incidents in the village, a fact he attributed to the vigilance of residents. He urged villagers to remain on the look-out and to report any suspicious activity. He had reported the receipt of ‘fraud-like’ insurance letters to the police; the next issue of the village newsletter would highlight this matter.


The Mayor of Ely would be invited to visit the village in the early Spring, at the beginning of her/his year in office.


EL stressed that members should strive to invite local residents to attend the meetings of the Village Council as observers and/or to raise any issues of concern.


5.     Action List:

AP to inform Ely City Council of location of nest boxes once in place

EA to liaise with City Council re pruning of tree on village green

EA to monitor cleaning of highway bollards

JAS to monitor removal of temporary boundary fencing, rear of Lower Road

EL to liaise with the office of the Mayor of Ely to arrange a visit to Stuntney as soon as possible after their inauguration.


6.     Next Meeting:

The next meeting will take place at 7pm on 13 March, 2013, in the Social Club.


7.     There being no other business, the meeting closed at 7.35pm.

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