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Minutes of Meeting 11th January 2012-01-17




Present: Wendy Fox (WF), Rodney Vincent (RV), Nigel Bell (NB), Elaine Adams (EA), Shelley Garland (SG), Estelle Lankester (EL), Terry Lankester (TL), Alison Morbey (AM), Angela Poyser (AP), Penni Webb (PW)


1. Apologies: Reg Manning, Mike Fox, John Spencer, Margaret Cornell, Andy Milne


2. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising:

Ely City Council had repaired the village sign. All agreed a very good job had been done. WF will write thank you letter to the City Council.

Ely Crossing. The decision has been made to make the road the preferred option and the council is looking at compulsory purchase. NB and colleagues pointed out that an environmental survey has not been done. English Heritage agrees with the view re the historic setting of the Cathedral. NB has sent a letter to the papers which should be published during this week (w/c 9th Jan) pointing out the picture does not show how bad the road will look and only selective views were shown. There is also the problem of lighting pollution. Because all the work that needs to be done hasnít been done it is unlikely the proposal will get through a public enquiry. English Heritage is surprised not to have been consulted as it is a statutory consultee and there would be a direct impact on an historic setting. NB feels support will come from the wider community when it is seen what the options are. NB advised that the County Council will borrow money to fund the scheme. The only money available is from Network Rail who will contribute to whichever solution allows the level crossing to close. AM asked if the Village Council could write to Prince Philip. NB said the new group would be doing such things. All households have just received a questionnaire on behalf of the Conservative Party. Can put views there. SG said the strongest thing we can do is to write to Ian Bates on the County Council. NB encouraged writing to the newspapers.


3. Correspondence:

No correspondence has been received.

WF to check what name and address the council has for sending things to and in particular information regarding planning applications. She will request the NB be added/ AP suggested the information could go on the village website.

A planning application is in for the old post office.


4. Any Other Business:

It was agreed that NB would produce the agenda and send to PW for forwarding to committee members.

WF asked if there could be a litter pick. It was agreed that PW would contact probation to find out whom to contact to request Community Payback litter pick around the outskirts of the village.

RV emphasised the need to keep a look out for so-called scrap dealers. Anything suspicious ring the police.

RV said about 30 people are on the communication list for Neighbour Watch but is sure that a number are not actual members. There is no cost to join but a discount is given on insurance. RV to include an item in the Newsletter and to ask MF to put it on the website.

EA advised the daffodil planting was done at the edges of the village a few weekends ago. She asked that it be mentioned in the Newsletter with thanks to those who participated.

RV has approached Peter Dawe to give a talk on the Wash Barrier Scheme. It was agreed it was for the Social Club Committee to organise.

EL reported that the raised drainage in Lower Road has got worse. PW to report to Highways Department.

WF raised the issue of the painted lines at the northern entrance to the village which are very faded. NB to write to the County Council.

EL asked that the dog pooh problem is raised in the Newsletter as it has been getting worse with the dark evenings.

TL raised concern that the turning circle in Steward Close is getting blocked.

The Anglia Water pond adjacent to the reservoir is not being maintained. TL to write to the Planning Department advising it is part of the planning conditions.


5. Decision and Action List

All encouraged to write to the papers re the Ely Crossing Scheme

WF to write thank you to Ely City Council for village sign

WF to contact Ely City Council re planning applications

PW to speak to probation re litter pick

RV to provide website item on Neighbourhood Watch

NB to include item on daffodils in Newsletter

NB to write to Highways Department re lines at northern entrance to village

PW to contact Highways Department re bump in Lower Road

NB to include dog pooh item in Newsletter

TL to write to Planning Department re pond next to reservoir

NB to produce agenda for next meeting


6.Date of Next Meeting:

Wednesday 14th March at 7.00 p.m.

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